Learning Management System (LMS)

The Administrator Subsystem, via a custom built Dashboard, provides the functions to support the DBA requirements for all database tables and static forms, course and school (Educational Dimensions wide reports), partner reports, and the Educational Dimensions Associates Program.

The Student Services subsystem provides functions that are student based. This subsystem gives the student the ability to recover from a forgotten login password, change data in their profile record, create a transcript  (list of course they have completed), and retrieve archived certificate requests.

The Course Processing subsystem relates to the activities once a registered student completes a course. The actual course content resides on the public website. Once a student finishes a course they then start the processing of providing course evaluation, content testing, and certificate production.

Note: Each subsystem requires it's own specific log-in to enter into the individual subsystem.


For new students and former students who do not have access to their Student Profile userid, please select the Registration button below to create a Student Profile Record.